KISS gardening: MY old philosophy back again

KISS Gardening? What’s that, you say?

Well, you want to start a garden. But you’re not sure how to begin.

There’re so many choices. And you have so many questions.

Flowers or vegetables? Raised bed or containers? Cool crops or warm?

And Zones. What are they? And are they really that important?

Can’t you just throw seeds in the ground, add some water — and wait for things to grow?

You’ve looked online to find answers but with ALL the information out there, you’re so overwhelmed, you’ve developed analysis paralysis. You can’t make a decision.

So you don’t.

And another year slips by ~ your garden still a dream.

I was just like you ~ once. 

I’m Dawn and I want to help you have fun in the garden. Because gardening IS fun ~ if you keep it simple.

Which is a lesson I learned when I was just a kid.

You see, growing up, the window box outside the bedroom I shared with my sisters was “my job.” So every spring I planted my favorite flowers ~ blood-red impatiens.

Yeah, I know impatiens are a cinch to grow, but ~ why mess with success? They were easy, low maintenance, and beautiful.

I didn’t realize it then, but I’d stumbled onto the KISS philosophy of gardening.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

Over the years, I moved around a lot, trying to find “my spot.” I was happy tending to houseplants and the occasional container crop.

But 5 years ago, settled in my own home, I went all in and started an outdoor vegetable garden ~ in the desert.

I waded through all the gardening books I’d accumulated, read on-line forums, joined FaceBook backyard gardening groups. And had a blast.

I forgot about KISS so my garden wasn’t always easy or productive ~ but I learned a lot.

I had so much fun, I was inspired to write a poem, “Ode to the Hornworm,” those creepy little crawlies that plagued my tomatoes that year.


several years of traveling for work and play has left my small garden space a mess!

Broken pots. Clumpy dirt. Wild weeds.

Now homebound from COVID travel restrictions, I’ve rediscovered the joy of gardening.

The pleasure of planning my plot. The delight of dirty hands. The serenity of garden sounds.

I’ve pulled out all my gardening books. Bookmarked my favorite garden groups. Subscribed to a gazillion gardening newsletters.

I’m reviving my “small space garden.”

I have BIG plans to maximize the small space I own ~ growing up, down, and all around. Because I want Lotsa’ Garden.

And I want to share it with you. I want to show you my desert garden transformation. I want to inspire you to have fun in your garden!

And along the way, I’ll share lotsa’ garden ideas and lotsa’ gardening tips ~ sprinkled with lotsa’ garden jokes, quotes, and stories.

Heck, I’ll even throw in a few recipes to make enjoying your vegetable bounty a snap.

I’m back to the KISS gardening philosophy, so you won’t find any “Gajillion and One Crops Perfect for Your Small Balcony Garden” posts from me.

Nope, I’m pretty much sticking to the lucky number 7. (Say “adieu” to analysis paralysis.)

So join me for Lotsa’ Garden fun ~ and make your garden dream a reality.

To your gardening health!