Pallet garden ideas: 7 easy wood pallet projects (with plans)

How can you use old pallets in the garden?

You might have an old wood pallet laying around and want to turn it into something fun. Or, maybe you don’t own a wooden pallet ~ yet. But with all those DIY pallet garden ideas on Pinterest (and Instagram), you’re itching to give it a go yourself.

But, jeez, you’ve looked at thousands of wood pallet projects. You’re not sure which one to choose ~ or how to begin.

Because, let’s face it…they’re ALL cute!

So, as promised, this article doesn’t overwhelm with a gazillion pictures and then leave you hanging.

No, this post lists 7 of the best pallet garden ideas I could find ~ and shows you how to do them.

7 wood pallet projects that look smart, fun, and easy enough to finish in a weekend.

This post will tell you where to find a wooden pallet (if you need one), what to consider when choosing your wood pallet, and how to (step-by-step) transform your (hopefully free!) pallet into a functional yet beautiful DIY pallet garden.

Less choices. More down-to-earth information.

So you can make a decision ~ and get it done.

Ready? Let’s start with the basics.


Where’s the best place to get your wooden pallet? To learn the ins and outs of pallet-picking, read this Spruce article. And to see how to take a wood pallet apart (and put it back together again), check out this video.

Ok, now that the basics are out of the way, let’s jump into the 7 fun pallet garden ideas. Starting with the super simple and working our way down to pallet projects that are a bit more challenging.

(And, yep, consider the wood pallet herb garden in the above video a bonus!)

#1. a simple way to use an old wood pallet in the garden…

Perfect for small garden spaces, you can recycle a pallet to plant flowers or herbs. I like this rustic pallet shelf because it’s simple and cheery. And, you don’t need much recycled wood for this creative project. High-five for keeping all those tin cans out of the landfill. Bonus for both you and the environment.

picture of flowers in brightly colored tin cans on a rustic wood pallet shelf

#2. what can you plant in a pallet garden box?

Transforming a wood pallet into a transportable staggered plant stand is ingenious — and great for people who haven’t settled into their own home yet.

Make the DIY pallet garden box shown here or use whatever pots or containers you have on hand. Succulents, herbs, flowers, and small veggies can all be planted in a pallet garden box like this.

plant boxes on shelves from recycled wooden pallet

#3. create a unique rolling vegetable garden out of a free pallet

No, it’s not your normal pallet vegetable garden. But it’s definitely a winner.

The orchard baskets give this pallet vegetable garden a Fall vibe, but you can use almost anything to hold your soil. Even the cart itself, if you line it. The sky’s the limit on what you decide to plant in this pallet garden on wheels.

rustic cart made from wood pallets into a pallet vegetable garden

#4. make a hanging garden Fence out of your wooden pallet

Staring at a brick wall or need a break from too much neighborly love? Transform your wooden pallet into a hanging garden fence. I love this idea and see even more possibilities. What about adding a little mesh or chicken wire so plants can “climb the fence” if they want?

hanging garden shelves from recycled wooden pallet

#5. plant a tropical living wall using a wooden pallet

Here’s another creative way to make a garden fence out of pallets — especially if you live in a tropical climate. And if not, enjoy this pallet garden wall indoors. Since the plants are in individual containers, I love that you can mix and match them however you want, whenever you want.

tropical plants make a living wall garden from recycled wooden pallets

#6. make yourself a vertical pallet vegetable garden

Flowers or veggies? Why not both! Many flowers are edible and many flowers repel bugs in the garden, making them perfect companions for a pallet vegetable garden. This vertical pallet garden is easy to make, holds a massive amount of plants, and looks great! What’s not to love?

colorful flowers spilling over from a vertical garden made from a wooden pallet

#7. grow an outdoor wood pallet herb garden

Similar to the flower & veggie garden above, this vertical garden is dedicated to nothing but herbs. Which adds a soothing touch (and sweet scent) to your patio. I love stepping outside my door and snipping off a few pieces of fresh herbs to flavor my meals. Now you can too!

different green herbs in an outdoor vertical garden made from recycled wooden pallets

What type of pallet garden will you make with Your recycled wood?

So there you have it.

7 of the best pallet garden ideas I could find. 7 creative ways to use your wooden pallets in the garden. 7 step-by-step tutorials on how to get started ~ and how to get the job done.

I love how the 3 vertical garden tutorials (4 if you count the living wall garden) all use a slightly different process. (Yep, including them all was intentional.) Which means you now know different tips, tricks, and vertical-garden-building hacks to make your wood pallet project even easier and more successful.

So now, it’s up to you. Just do it!

To your gardening health!

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  1. Beautiful uses for a resource which isn’t so beautiful! My wife and kids love gardening and I love doing any kind of woodcraft I can wrap my head around, and some of these ideas are absolutely easy! Thanks for sharing this I think it will benefit my entire family!


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